At Mtapa Royal Medical Systems we are able to supply a vast catalogue of medical products and equipment based on the requirements of our clientele. We work continuously to expand our inventory of products that are used within various medical fields for both diagnostic and treatment purposes.

We are proud of our strong supplier relationships, which enable us to provide our clients with the best possible inventory of products. Our partnerships and direct links to the most sought after suppliers allow us to offer the widest range of medical products from global manufacturers.


Our list of products include, but is not limited to:

• Glucometers
• Hb meters
• Blood pressure machines (including spares)
• Blood pressure monitors (including spares)
• Stethoscopes (including spares)
• X-ray films
• Face masks, caps and shoe covers
• Disposable aprons
• Tongue depressors
• Diagnostic sets
• Video laryngoscopes
• Suction machines
• Electrosurgical units (and accessories)
• Surgical/examination gloves
• X-ray film processors
• Dental equipment and instruments
• Dental consumables
• Bandages (various types)
• Operating theatre equipment and instruments
• Thermometers (including infrared ear or forehead)
• Cannulas
• Catheters
• Syringes
• Endotracheal tubes
• Sharps containers
• ID bracelets (ID bands)
• Umbilical scissors
• Umbilical cord clamps
• Urine bags
• Fluid administration sets
• Wheelchairs
• Scales
• X-Ray machines
• Infant incubators
• Resuscitation units
• ECG machines
• Ultrasound machines
• Patient monitors
• Pulse Oximeters
• CTG machines
• Nebulizers
• Sterilizers
• Suction machines
• Defibrillators
• Oxygen concentrators
• Infusion pumps
• Syringe pumps
• Centrifuges
• Chemistry analysers
• Haematology analysers
• Urine analysers




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